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Walks 🐾

Initially I like to meet new clients and their dogs in person. This is not completely necessary but I find it's nice to have a bit of a chat and a pat, and get to know you and your best friend. Generally all new dogs will walk on leash until we've bonded and I'm confident on the dogs recall abilities. Then we progress to walking in a fenced area and from there to off leash parks if all goes well. 

The focus of our walks is to exercise, socialise and enjoy some time in the beautiful outdoor environments that we're so lucky to have around these parts of Sydney. We walk in small groups tailored to the needs of those particular dogs. Some groups are high energy youngsters and others are more mature and sedate. We walk in off leash areas such as Riverglade Reserve Hunters Hill, Clarkes Point in Woolwich and many others. Along the way there's ball chasing, sniffing, swimming, running on the ovals, running on the beach, treats, rests when required, and drinks at the various water taps. I pick up from your home or other pre-arranged location. We walk for one hour and then I drop back to your place. 

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